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Bouncy Castles

I attended a birthday party for a 6 year old girl today.  Of course, my twins were in attendance too -- otherwise, that would just be creepy.

As the adults stood around talking and enjoying each other's company, the children all ran about playing and just enjoying themselves without a care in the world.

For awhile I watched them jump around in the bouncy castle that was inflated in the driveway.  Some kids would  jump around like bunnies in circles. Others would jump in place.  Some would try to knock each other over.  Still others could barely keep from falling over on their own accord. No matter what technique they used, they all had smiles on their faces.  They were all just having fun, plain and simple.

Even as I write this I am grinning thinking about their laughter and smiling faces.  It serves to remind me of something that we adults forget to do for ourselves -- have fun.

We get so caught up in life's rigor:  work, errands, housework, child care, politics, world events.  We forget what it was like when we were kids.  We forget what its like just to have fun.  Just to smile and laugh and toss all of your cares and problems aside and just... be.

I want my very own bouncy castle.  Not literally, although that would be pretty cool.  No, I want a place I can go mentally where I can just let all of life's little issues dissolve away and I can just have fun like a child.  Just smile, laugh, enjoy absolutely nothing but the moment itself.  Completely forget about schedules and traffic and bills and deadlines.  Just close my eyes, smile and mentally hop around in my bouncy castle.


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