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Unveiling the Magician's Tricks

Maybe it’s just me, but it just seems like some things in life that can be so difficult at times could be really easy if I just knew one or two “tricks”.

For example, hitting a golf ball. I have a pretty decent swing, and can occasionally hit a really good ball. Other times, it looks like I rode the short bus to the driving range. (*no offense to those who ride short buses, of course).

There has to be a trick to it. Something simple, something minute. The golf swing is not that complex of a motion. I just feel that if I were ever to learn that simple little trick my golf game would improve dramatically and stay that way.

Same thing applies to making music. Music, to me, is art. I enjoy making it and I play everything by ear. I know what sounds good to me, and I keep working at a piece until it sounds good. But I can’t help but think there is a simple mathematical trick to it that would produce good music easily more often than not — and I’m just not getting it. Something that turns music creation into more of a science. I would hate to think that I would need to study theory for years before getting it, because to me it just seems

slightly… out… of… reach…

I just can’t help shake the feeling that there is something simple that good musicians and composers the world over are hiding from the rest of us. A simple trick which would turn me into a very capable composer of music almost overnight.

I just wish I could peek behind the magician’s stage and see what simple tricks are being used to make the seemingly difficult look easy.


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